Dark Nights anniversary + shop + more content?

Happy Halloween! It's been exactly 2 years since Dark Nights got released. Thank you for all the feedback, fan arts and sharing of this game! It's hard to believe that this project started as a little journal on DeviantArt. Even though a lot of time passed, my mind hasn't moved on. I've gotten many requests about whether I will add more storylines of different characters. Another exciting news is the opening of my online shop.

My online store has finally launched with a large collection of prints, charms, stickers and more. Don't miss these Dark Nights merch! Visit the store here: https://pinlin-shop.com/

Extra routes?

There are 2 characters whose stories I want to explore further: Roya (left) & Chain (right). Initially, Roya was supposed to be the 5th route but I scrapped it due to workload. Chain is a difficult character to write and may not match well with the MC's personality. Although both are challenging, I'm excited about telling stories from their perspective. If you haven't played the full game yet, you can download it for free on itch.

Their stories will take place in the same village, but you'll explore different parts and get to know more about some side characters. For both, the stories & visuals are heavier but won't cross 18+.

I've considered starting a crowdfunding campaign on Ko-Fi with multiple goals. Why Ko-Fi? Since I started working full-time, I'm unable to dedicate a lot of time to personal projects. People recommended Patreon, but my workflow is pretty inconsistent. Keeping up with monthly rewards is difficult and I don't have that many projects ongoing. I feel guilty if people pledge for no particular goal. A Kickstarter project only runs for a short time, but perhaps I'll consider it if this doesn't work out. 
I'm unsure how many are interested, so I keep this campaign running until 31st October 2022 (1 year). If there are pledges but no goal has been met, I'll use the funds to create an art book. 

Read more about the campaign here: https://darknights-time.weebly.com/blog/2nd-year-anniversary-shop-new-content

Ko-Fi page: https://ko-fi.com/pinlin

Finally, the DLC would be around $3 after the campaign is over and any goal has been met. The artbook around $5 (pdf). 

- Any pledgers in this campaign of $3+ will receive the DLC (if any goal is met) when it's done.

- Pledgers of $5 and above will receive both DLC (if any goal has been met) & Artbook via e-mail when they're produced. Please let me know if you like the DLC/Artbook if you pledge via Ko-Fi or somewhere else. For other questions, feel free to e-mail me at: darknights.time@gmail.com

If you are interested, but cannot pledge, sharing is greatly appreciated Thank you so much for the support on this project!

Warm regards,

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How time files! Will there be an update here?

I'm about to write a large update soon. Thank you for your patience!


OMGGG Yes!!! I wanted a Roya route so bad <3!! >__<

You're the best. I am really very happy. Thank you very much and i can't wait for many more stories <33

Can I say I love you? ❤because girl you don't how cool it is to get routes of the great characters on the game who are different and unique , I've always wanted Roya's route cuz I can see the good in him way more than the evil, also I already shared the game with my friends but now I'll try to share to more people it's wooorth it


Yayyyy Chain's route!!! :DDD Also congrats for opening your shop!!! I am so excited!


I was sad to find out I couldn't romance them in any shape or form so um this seems... Promising?


OMG, I want Chain route soooooooo much! I NEED it σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡♡♡

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ahhh oh myyyy YES YES!!! I wanted a Roya route sooo badly 😍😍🔥 I hope so much, it will happen! 💖💖💖💖💖 I looooved Dark Nights! I want it, too, can't wait 😱👄


I'm happy to hear your excitement! I intended to write Roya as the 5th route but scrapped it due to workload. Perhaps this gives a chance for him to shine.


i hope so much it will work out :o oh god, i'd even pay for the extra routes etc if you'd sell it xD Anyway, your VN is so damn good, i wondered why it was free since ever😅 


I would back a kickstarter!

So far, we're at 6% towards the final goal. I didn't expect the amount of support in such a short time. I count the donations from itch too from the moment I posted this vlog. Thank you for the support!


Extra routes!? I'm so excited!! I can't wait. I will definitely pledge. 

It's all thanks to the community for inspiring this campaign. So far, we're at 6% towards the final goal. Thank you in advance!


I just wanna confirm...if I pledge $5 I can just email you to get both the DLC and Artbook. Or are the Artbook and DLC priced individually? Also, is the DLC and Artbook already ready or still in development. I'm kinda confused.

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The DLC would be around $3 after the campaign is over and released. The artbook around $5 (pdf). Any pledgers in this campaign of $3+ will receive the DLC (if the any goal has been met). 

Pledgers of $5 and above will receive both DLC & Artbook via e-mail (DLC only if any goal has been met).

Since the goal of an artbook is reached, it is in development. I started planning the DLC, but will start working once a goal has been reached. I'm sorry for the confusion. Hopefully, this will clarify it! (Edited in all posts)

I noticed some donations via itch, so these will count towards the endgoal too.


Thanks for the clarification! I will share this game around too and I hope you meet your goal soon!


OMG CHAIN!!! I'm ready to give you my money uwu


Omg Chain. He is not really for the MC I know, but I love him. You are amazing


I have a lot of plans for his storyline. It may not be a lovey dovey kind of romance, but their relationship could bloom. Another idea I have in mind is using Ikuya as the MC for his route. I keep the options open!


Either way sounds cool. Can't wait to see what happens


Finally some good news from people I follow xD I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go.


I had these plans in my mind for a while, but I didn't expect they will happen. I'm blessed with a community that still talks about this game even 2 years later.


This sounds really exciting! I like the idea of extra routes as DLC, and I am excited about the artbook ^^


Thank you! The production will be much faster this time. I've been working on the artbook, but it got put aside due other priorities. I hope to fully dedicate myself to it soon!