Dark Nights Soundtrack

Dark Night's soundtracks are now available as DLC for $10. This pack contains:

- 37 Original soundtracks (including 2019 version of the opening song)
- 15 Unused soundtracks
- Music links

If you donated that amount or more before and like this pack, please send your e-mail  as proof to: 


I will mail this pack to you!


Dark Nights Soundtrack 149 MB
Mar 25, 2020

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omg i'm waiting for this day to come! I love the music in this game so much! Btw, r u planning on making new game?


Thank you for the praises! At the moment I'm busy with other non-game related projects.

Maybe in future, but it will be smaller games. Another 6 years of development is a huge chunk of my life haha.