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The elements of the story reach the deepest places in my heart, as I am progressing through the story, I am met with topics not so similar in what a normal VN heroine would call: "A normal life." the game is beautifully designed in it's own special way, and it will continue to climb the mountain of beautification until reaching the peak. I hope to see the full release soon, and a good night to you.

- Scott Anderson, Writer.

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Have read it in nearly 4 months,a bit every week.(I guess I would need more than 1 year to complete reading the whole story)There are many good psychological descriptions in the story.Besides the plot,the food in the story leave me a deep impression.I doubt if there is a real person who is good at cooking like the main character at such a young age.The author must have known a lot about different cultures.I didn't even recognize that the word nuomici(or Sachiro's route) is just the Chinese spelling.Things like croissant are related to Western culture. All in all,the game is of high quality and I would recommend it.It is exactly a year after the game released.Hope that the project would progress well.

I really enjoyed the demo, keep up the hard work. I love the art and your storytelling is great. Looking forward to purchasing the full version once its out :) 


the full game will be free because it's a passion project by pinyin :)

This game is awesome! I can't wait for the full game! My favourites have to be either Sachiro or Junoru. Sachiro is so cute, I still consider him a child xD Junoru is such a gentleman and quite charming. I also have to say, I love the opening! And all of the art is AMAZING!

OMG yes I didn't know you were gonna make it on itch :))) Pinlin good luck!

I love this game so much. the characters make me go uwu. can't wait for the full game!!


Ok but seriously, I love this game. All of the characters are interesting, the story is interesting... I love it. I can't wait till the full version is released!

okay, this is epic

I love it so much! It's been too long since I have played an otome game that has a relation to mystery. I think each characters seem interesting and my favourite one is Sachiro, he is so adorable at first but I got so many chills during his route.. I'm so curious about Sachiro's story and memories. God he is just the cutest even though with the things happening during his route too.. I enjoyed it! The art is good too! I can't wait for the full version<33


Hi there! I just played the demo and I loved it! I love those creepy elements with the somewhat otome atmosphere. 

Personally I loved all that tense moments and the misteries that every character has. When will the full game release? I'm really curious since I enjoyed a lot this game.

I personally loved Lioji! I fell in love with this character when I first saw it. I' m also interested in that boy that is always hurt o___o. I don't know if there will be a route for them, but I hope there will be. 

Anyways, hope that you didn't give up on this project! It is frequent that these kind of projects get abandoned, and it's a shame since this have so potential.


Hi hi, thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm glad to have released a demo, because there is a lot I need to improve. The community inspired me on many levels.

I didn't think Lioji would be so outstanding xD Although, I did my best to give every side character an unique role. They aren't a decoration. 

In the full project everything will be fleshed out. You will explore deeper and find links between the routes. Yes, I'm still working on it! The process may be slow, but it's always moving forward. Two and a half months until the anniversary of the first release. I think it would be fun if I release the full version exact one year after the demo.

Thank you again for the support!

Hii! I just finished all of the routes and I really enjoyed this game! I was just wondering, is there any way to download pictures from the gallery because I really want Junoru as my background lmao


Wouldn't it be nice if Lioji is part of the guys that you could choose? I mean, this is just my suggestion. 


I am wondering if anyone else help the ghost boy and got a different ending cliffhanger in Kurato's route. I found it reviewed more about Kurato than the Roya kidnapping end did.


Hey! Casual otome player here, I've been playing for a good couple of years. I came across your game and honestly, I was drawn to the pretty art style! And the cover was beautiful, so I decided to check out the game. Honestly? I was beyond surprised! I adore the story line, I've gotten through the routes and I'm entranced. I adore the heroine, her personality is really refreshing! And the character designs and personalities were simply creative and articulate, I enjoyed them! I also enjoyed the writing and script, I was pretty impressed! I'd say my favorite to be Lioji in all honesty. I cannot wait for the full release of this game, so I'll be keeping an eye out on developments! I have only worked and helped out on a few games, so I know how time consuming it can be. In short, I really enjoyed the game and I can't wait to see how it develops. Good luck and good wishes!

I really want the full version to come out!!! Please make it!!! I could help you if you wanted!!! Just reply to my comment! I can proof read or do vocals if you wanted me too!


Oh my god, I just realised, is the game gonna be like Doki Doki Literacture Club! ?

Have to ask, how long till full game is out. only downloaded recently,. but kinda binge played the whole demo :/


I just finished playing all the routes, but probably not all the endings. I found out that there were death endings in them, but the one I have seen was really well written  My favorite is Sachiro's route. The demo is awesome, great work! I look forward to the full release.


this looks really good and i mean no hate in saying this, this is giving off major Amnesia vibes and that awesome i friggen love that anime 

Oh my god, this is one of my favorite otomes ever. The demo left me with some questions but either way I really enjoyed it ^^

so cool!!! can't wait for the whole game!!! OMG i can't imagine how the story will turn out. love the characters they are so beautiful. this is original and well planned from what i have seen till now, although the picture of the heroine sleeping in class reminds me a bit of doki doki literature club, but i think it is only me.

I am not one to critic other work because i have no experience in such things but the monologue of the heroine sometimes feels repetitive and plain. for example she says to many times that nothing interesting happens in the village and the rumors is exciting to her. but again i can't judge this game when it is not the full one. sorry if i offended you i had no intention to hurt or offend anyone it is just my thoughts. also i think i have so many mistakes(English isn't my native language**is that how i say it, "native language"?**)

Just one question...Do I have to pay for the full game to play when it’s release?

no, it's a passion project, so it will be free :)

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I hate to be the one to say it, but a lot of the time, what the MC does just doesn't make any sense. Like, not telling Ikuya and Lioji about the suspicious man she saw in the cave, or going to an abandoned house in the middle of the night, or wanting to after the murderer for no real reason. Also, I feel like her personality is not consistent sometimes. I know this is a free game and am glad to be able to play it, but I thought I should throw some constructive criticism your way.


she doesnt tell them about the man as she wants to investigate him herself, she said she is a curious type, and telling her friends about it would cause alarm and they would tell her to stay away and Lioji would probably tell his dad

When is the full release coming out?

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I loved the demo! I wish we could play Chain though </3

I love this game already without actually finishing any routes since I just started last Friday. I'm so happy that my friend introduced this to me, and to know that she helped in this. I can't wait for it's actual release! 

Finished Junoru's route and each route gets better and better! Can't wait to play the final one! Good job!

I've dealt with so many supernatural creatures in my playthroughs. The creativeness you have when creating characters and plot points is astonishing. Great job!

Oh my, I love this game SO much. All the characters are so lovely, even the Heroine (!) which is really amazing!
I think I chose all the options available, but my personal favourite is Karuto (i got the lamest dead achievement). I just can't wait for the full release, I wish you all the best!

The artworks are really beautiful too, I just can't stop looking at them.

I absolutely ADORE this game. You have beautiful artwork, backgrounds and soundtracks, engaging story and interesting characters! Also, the 'minor' characters are all distinct and aren't just plot devices like some games use them for.

The references and 'jokes' are pretty smart and well-placed, too. >.>

I downloaded this earlier and I just fell in love with the story and artwork. The music is also really well-fitted to the scenes but not so distracting that you can't read the dialogue. I can't wait for the full release! (I'm already excited for MC to figure out that Junoru is a vampire, if my suspicions are correct.)

I love this game so much! All of the love interests are so interesting and I have no idea which route I'll choose when the full game comes out! Great job!

I can't wait to play the entire game! really cool, beautiful graphics and I like the characters

I've played the whole entirety of this demo and I love it! but i can't help but request a Lioji route :D  

amazing game keep it up!!

Yea, Lioji route would be amazing and that's what came to my thoughts too :D

This game is amazing! I have only played the Kurato's route yet. It's only a demo, but it's already happed so much . Looking forward to your release!

I finished Zeikun's route and started Junoru's. I love how each route is so different from each other and all of the love interests are just so intriguing! Good work!

This game is getting more and more intense! It is really keeping me on my toes and I am loving every minute of it!

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