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Extra route campaign: Roya / Chain
The first goal of funding one route has been reached! Thank you for all the support. The campaign ends in 4 days:

If it ends with only one route, you can vote on which of the 2 characters:

can we have a Chain route pls

we reached the full goal and surpassed it just in time! we're getting a chain, roya and hidden route :))


NO ;( i didn't expect to love Sachiro so much and now I can't do the next 3 routes because I'm so attached to him😭 WHYYY. I DIDN'T EXPECT TO LOVE HIM SO MUCH

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I´m not done yet but like if there was a chain route?I would dig it up bro makes me blush edit: I´m almost done and real quick? I´m adding the twins and Roya to that list they make me blush hard like damn OK But like imagine a game with them tho like damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


His route is might be made possible with the campaign on my Ko-Fi. You can check the links in my latest development log.


I am completly obsessed with this game now help...

I finished all the endings yesterday. It was so fun to play 


I am now obsessed with Kurato pls help


I've just come back to this after being gone for a while, I am austistic and due to that create complex scenarios in my head, and your characters are my favourite to imagine. Particularly Chain, I always love to imagine would a route for him would look like, or even how he'd be able to slowly coexist with other beings with the protagonists help. So when I saw you may be making a Chain route, I was so happy. I almost exclusively played the game for him, Kaichi, and Roya (I hope those are their names it's been a while lol). I will be donating when I get a chance, I'm genuinely so excited. I know it may sound kinda lame but this game genuinely changed my life.


I usually just play one route on VNs, choosing my honest responses, and I wouldn't have even chosen Sachiro because he looks young, but I LOVE mysteries so for this one I trusted your "keeping hooked on mysteries" play order and I AM SO GLAD I DID this first route was SO GOOD and this story is so relevant to my interests I'm glad I get to read everything now in a smart order


I am completely obsessed with this. I finished the game recently and I ended up ordering the merch bundle.
I really hope this gets the funding needed for adding the extra routes!

I really like the story and the routes but sometimes I feel like the MC is a bit too childish or immature for being an independent high school student. Like sometimes in the in-game storyline she makes childish decisions when the truth is obvious. 

I really like Kaichi though!! Hopefully we'll get enough funding for his route~

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finished playing this game a year ago and now leaving a comment abt it!!

the first full length VN i played on itch,,,i dedicated myself to finish every single ending from every route bc i wanted to get every single achievement (it was worth it~) every route was unique in its own way but kurato's route was a personal favorite !! in terms of the most interesting it was definitely junoru's,,his route is where all the pieces really start coming together so it was really memorable. 

while i loved the main cast, i also loved the side characters!! my favs were kaichi and chain. without any spoilers, kaichi is a really interesting character once u know his backstory (and i enjoyed his interactions with the heroine!) chain is a bit of a mysterious character, and plays an important role in some routes, so i hope the extra route for him pushes through!! 

art is also gorgeous, everyone's character design was beautiful and unique <3

overall a really good game, and the bonus content u unlock once u finish everything was a nice little reward as well!! 


I'm in love with a demon~

Really wish there was extra routes for other characters. Like Juns brother, the twins, Kaichi, Ohhhh espec Chain X)


I started a crowdfund for the extra routes. You can check the link on the top of this page. I've been thinking about their storylines because the game still has some mysteries left. It will be my pleasure to work on DN again!

Does the chiming noise when you make a choice mean its correct?

That is an indication for the romantic ending. If none, that choice doesn't affect the route. It's not really a 'correct' choice because you can enjoy the story in multiple ways!


No android download makes me sad, looks  great.


The art in this game is so beautiful and everyone in it is so attractive. Especially Junoru's dad?? What a babe

The GUI is now the default on Androi

Deleted 36 days ago

Please add spoiler alert 😭


I love this game so much. I played many otome games and this is my favourite one and will always be. This game can describe the word perfection. I highly recommend this game!


This game is really awesome! I love it! The graphics are amazing, the story is really catchy! When playing, you always want to know what happens next! YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!! 


Let me just say first, graphics AMAZING, YOU DID A GREAT JOB!! I just downloaded the game and I'm a few chapters in but someone that's not an LI caught my eye...Chain, which is why I'm asking if there's a chance you'd make a route for him or have him and other investigator as a separate game?? Because I would buy!! <3

Please check the latest vlog post because I started a campaign for additional routes! I'm happy that you enjoy the game so far. I hope to get a chance to expand the stories and draw the characters again.


This game is absolutely brilliant in every way. I'm so glad that this was the game that got me into visual novels as a whole (specifically otome-related VNs.) If you're scrolling through the comments wondering if you should download this absolute gem, then YES you should! The art is captivating from the get go which immediately dragged me in, but I ended up sticking around for a plotline that was so intriguing in and of itself. Asides from the main plotline, the romance development is beautiful, each storyline has a plot unique to the others. There is comedy, drama, mystery, horror, and of course a cup of the reader's tears on the side. The characters are all lovable, even the ones that are morally questionable. In fact, I fell for every single side character!!!

SPOILER TERRITORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so hard to pick a favorite because all of the characters are just...amazing. I didn't like Junoru's design and left him for last, and that ended up being the best choice I could've made. Because he grew onto me. In this case, it was a 'save the best for last' kind of scenario, except I didn't even realize I would like him as much as I do now. The art in his storyline in particular is breathtaking, and his personality ended up making me fall hard >.>

I seriously seriously loved all of the routes. From the surprise of learning Zeikun was the forest demon, to learning Sachiro was the temple guardian (though in a very complicated sense...), finding out Kurato was a cute cat all along and that Junoru was an immortal 'zombie.'  I really hope that the Roya/Chain/Mystery character routes will be created in the end! More content for this amazing game would be so wonderful, especially since I think Roya deserves a happy ending after dying in all of the routes. I'd always hope for Jace/Blace/Kaichi route as well but I understand that it would probably not work out well (and that Kaichi has a girlfriend alreadyyy. still hard to accept ;-;)
Overall... all of these storylines were beautiful and this game will remain in my heart for a long time. Thank you for this phenomenal piece of art, Pinlin <3


Heya Pinlin!

Someone uploaded your game on Do you know this person?


Hello Amberbaum, 

The only official download is on this page and affiliated links. I do not allow distributions elsewhere, certainly not a re-upload on itch. Thank you for letting me know. I've sent a report.


still crazy about this game

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ahh this game was so fun to play!! finally got all the achievements so i think im done for now tho

might replay kuratos route later, hes such a cutie :]

How did you get achievement 21? It's been a few months and I still don't know


There is a guide written by 2 people which are linked on the game description. Otherwise, you're always welcome to join my discord server. We're happy to help! I try to keep this comment section spoiler-free or with spoiler warnings.

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thank you, I see what it was now and btw amazing game I got the soundtrack and I love it


This is the best otome I've ever played because of the amazing story and vibe and characters LOVE IT and osts too like I finished it and I keep repeating it , I hope you do a part 2 because I think you still can put more into it or add two routes I vote for Roya and Chain because they're more good people than bad and I also want to know more abt her parents ,thank you so much for your hard work


I started a campaign on my Ko-Fi page for Roya and Chain route. They are one of the popular characters who have untold stories. I hope to get the chance to work on them. More info in the dev vlog!


this game .. has ruined me .. plz .  it was very fun to play through -- despite only getting three endings --  i couldn't bring myself to play more </3
it was really well done n i enjoyed it -- at some parts --  very much !!!

this game will forever contribute to my declining mental state , it may have even declined it farther .. ( half joking , not mad though <3 )

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This game is absolutely Brilliant,  I am intrested to see what else you guys have created and will create. Thank you for the amazing game!!.

My favorite was Junoru, His personality is really fun and his story is very well through out. (Only negative is that I ended up disliking Kurato afterwards because  Chain and him being on friendly terms with him going as far as being rivals. Though this was all because of how attached I was to Junaro  so it's more of a personal thing) Though he wasn't the least liked male lead, I absolutely despised Zeikun because of his rude nature. Though I loved how cute Sachiro was, so at the end of it all they balance themselves off, truthfully more to the positive side since I love Junoru and Sachiro.

(On a sidenote: Would have enjoyed a Yuri Route with our good friend Ikiya)


Wah, this was so good, thank you!! :D

I probably liked Zeikun and Junoru the best, though I think that's just down to personal preference.  All of the routes were so fun!

Let the excited theory-crafting commence!!!


My impression in trying to piece everything together was that MC was one of those blessed souls as we found out in Zeikun's route, but other routes didn't necessarily know.  For example, Junoru did not know that the "zombies" could be purified (Sachiro/Zeikun) or that they were inhabited by bad spirits.  He viewed it from a "scientific" background, which makes sense due to his past.  He also didn't know that the MC drew spirits to her and assumed it was because his "essence" or whatever rubbed off on her. xD  

My guess would be that the state the "zombie" thing puts humans into makes them a perfect vessel for evil spirits?  They can be killed, but also purified, and the cells themselves are also passed down through families as we learn in Junoru's route?

I had the impression that Rasumi's major goal was to drive out and kill the forest demon, which she used the undead to do.  In Zeikun's route where you tell her that you would sacrifice yourself, she sees you as a good little minion since it seemed like she heightened your spiritual powers to exorcise Zeikun, as was her goal all along.  If you didn't play along with her.... yeesh. O.O  I'm not exactly sure what her problem with Zeikun was, but we already know she seems to delight in the pain of others.  She didn't even show remorse when she got poor Kurato possessed! >(  Used him as an experiment!  

In Junoru's route, when you escape from her, she hints that she is using the undead for some purpose... I guess what we saw in Zeikun's route?  I suppose we'd have to assume that he probably (at least eventually) dies in other routes.  Seems like Rasumi is a patient killer and doesn't mind waiting for things to go her way.  ....o.o

I've also been puzzling about Blace.  You have to choose some very specific options in order to get the death end where he accidentally (?) fries your memory.  Based on the fact that you have to choose "liking" him or "preferring" him somewhat to not get that ending, is the implication that he feels too bad to fry you if he knows you unironically like him?  It seemed to be implied that he had a mind-reading power.  And he is such a poor lonely bean. D:

For Kurato, I was having a hard time distinguishing between what separated his romantic from his normal end.  What really changed, provided you didn't get mind-wiped by Blace?  I did all the "ding" choices and, since there was no ding for choosing to wish for Blace or Kaichi, I chose Kaichi since I thought it would bring Kurato more resolution.  That seemed to put me on the normal path?  What was the thing that didn't happen there to separate his normal from romantic ends?  Gaining the cooperation of the twins?  

Anyways, you might not even see this since it has been so long, but thanks again for the wonderful time!  I hope you are doing well. <3  And I hope anyone else who reads this enjoys the theorizing!  It's one of my favorite things to do with this kind of game.  I did get some of my answers reading comments below, like about Chain's ancestor with the same CG, or Kaichi's heart, so thanks for that!  I was also wondering at what point Roya took the potions, so that helps explain the... murder. x)  I was so sure the little jerk had also orchestrated the bullying situation with the poor legless ghost since he had told the boys to come to the school that night, but maybe he just got busy with the teacher. x.x  Interesting how two parts of that story were separated by route.  I guess the Romantic route one where we learn about legless boy was the deeper memory that Kurato was repressing, so it was more key for him to think about?

Gotta admit, having routes for Chain and Roya would be super hot, but I can't think of any way that would work.... out.  xD  They're both so.... murdery. xD!!!  I could definitely see routes working out for Blace and Kaichi though!  Maybe Jace, but I get the distinct impression he's more murdery somehow. >.>  Well.... to be fair, Kaichi is also pretty murdery, despite the fact that he tries to justify it.  <.<  

Heehee, have a good night!

(Also, Chain's name cracks me up. xD!!!)


Ahum, I've played this game like a year ago when I started running out of otome games to play. It was my first pc otome AND MAN IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It was amazing in every way, the music was fitting and cool, the characters and backgrounds were just so pretty and the story blew my mind. Especially at points in which I remembered something from another route I played, one of the hints that just clicked after processing the info.
My brain just went like: holy damn, so that's what was going on?

Spoilers in the following paragraph.

I cried multiple times too. Thanks a lot for that. Like, I got Sachiro's normal ending and was happy for the MC and him.
Then I got the achievement 'We part again after anyways lol'. Realizing this, I straight out started bawling like a baby and couldn't stop.

The characters were amazing, with everyone having different personalities and histories. You slowly realize the bad guy had their reasons and nobody's completely bad or good throughout the game. 

Thank you for developing this, it was truly amazing to play! and even after getting all the endings, the extra's we got were amazing. Just seeing characters shirtless mmmmmmm

I'd recommend this game to literally anyone. The art is so gorgeous.


Okay I've spent the last three days playing through every ending on every route I'm going to go to say this was a pretty amazing storyline and what was great was each route was a different story with different personalities to each character and side character. Very rarely do at home a novel companies think of that or if they do think of it they don't do it well oh, but this was done very well.

So here's my wishes, WTB a route for Jace, Blace and Chain. I would say Roya and Kaichi  as well but that might be asking for a little too much but there was a few roads were I felt that the two of them were very much likeable characters and maybe had more than just a passing interest in the main character. I think they both could very well have been fond of her. But that's just me reading into their personalities and their actions towards her in certain routes.

 I never was really a fan of visual novels that have tragic endings mostly because I get very attached to characters in these stories and I bawl like a baby when there are tragic endings and I hate the migraines that come after however this is obviously a horror story and so therefore death is inevitable should you choose wrong.

anyway should you ever decide to release DLCs or whatever of those three characters that I oh so much want to see romance routes for I would gladly pay because it would be very much worth it. other than that I truly did enjoy this thank you.


I really, really love this game!!! Like, well done. I want more content; it deserves so much more recognition. I fell for Kaichi all over again, the side character  😭 I actually played this game in 2019, but I came back for more!! It's that good!!! Ugh, I can't help but wish for more!! lol I love, love, love this game


Okay, I love Junoru a lot now, he's my favorite. I don't want this game to end!!! Dude I swear I'm gonna give you money or something when I do have it. 


If anyone is contemplating on whether to play this or not, download it!! This game is amazing, each route has a different story so it doesn't get boring. There's so much gameplay and so many characters to fall in love with, each of the side characters are so interesting! 

The art is phenomenal. For a game that can be downloaded for free, the quality is amazing. Each CG and sprite are so beautifully designed and drawn, I was so amazed when I first played. 

The music and background music is also outstanding!! The music made me feel so immersed into the game and at times actually made me feel a bit scared @@ The opening music and scene is so well made, this whole game feels so professional.

I loved each route, although Sachiro and Kurato will always remain my fav :> I was so sad when I found out the side characters remained as side characters >_> They were all so unique and I found myself wanting more of them all!! <33

Overall, this was a fantastic game. The art, the music, the story, everything was so fun!! Totally recommend this game ^^

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I have managed to finally get all the endings, achievements, CGs, and looked at the extra scenes! So finally, I can post a review of my final thoughts.

This game was generally very enjoyable. I loved the art and the mystery, and the horror scenes put me on the edge of my seat! 

The opening video was a real treat! It seriously looks like a professional otome opening, and I love the song! I also love how the soundtrack is entirely original, which is rare for free indie games. I really love the sentimental and sad piano tracks the most. 

Artwork... it's really gorgeous! There's 60 CGs you can unlock in the gallery, but some other sketchy looking art and I recall a couple other CGs that do not appear in the gallery. There were some sprites that felt out of place though, as they didn't look as polished as the rest, but generally everything is eye-pleasing!

Unlockables... I really love the achievement system as it encourages players to make a variety of different choices. Also keeping the extra scenes and sketchbook locked behind getting all of the endings is a genius way to get players to desire a 100% completion. 

Prologue... the opening scene at the mansion really drew me in, which I feel is the prologue's strength. Some felt the prologue as a whole dragged, but I didn't think it was that bad. Some character introductions were more interesting than others, sure. Even so, the opening scene was enough to keep me going because I feel it really helps set the supernatural mystery tone! And I am sure at least one of the character introductions will pique your interest!

Routes.... I ended up playing in this order: Kurato > Junoru > Sachiro > Zeikun. Getting on routes is very straight forward, you literally choose who you want to investigate from the four suspicious individuals you meet in the prologue, and walla. I picked Kurato first simply 'cause he was weird and I wanted to know what was up with him. He's a pretty fun character, and his route has a lot of action and horror. Junoru's route ended up being my favorite of them all. He is so sweet, and whilst the romantic ending was lovely, I also equally enjoyed the tragic ending. It held a well written emotional weight to it that showed how much the MC cared about him. I also loved the MC's portrayal the most on Ju's route, especially how she'd always refer to him as "my friend". Sachiro's route was very interesting, and I must say the "Normal" ending actually was my favorite opposed to the romantic route. I feel it felt more natural and that ending felt so warm and sweet. Lastly, Zeikun... whilst interesting, it was sadly my least favorite route. Whilst I enjoyed many scenes in it, I didn't really feel much chemistry between the two (romantically or friendship wise). The highlight on this route for me was actually the moments with Ikuya and Lioji on the "Normal" path.

The story itself.... whilst there's many well written horror moments, emotional moments, heart pumping action, and an intriguing supernatural mystery, there's a lot about the story that feels very rough around the edges. Not everything adds up and rather than the routes complimenting each other, they almost seem like different versions of the story. One character in particular seemed to change to suit what was going on in a particular route. Even the MC herself feels a little different per route. So depending on what route you're on (even what version of said route you're on), some paths are written better than others. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed Junoru's route the most as I loved the entire route as a whole. Kurato's route would probably be my second favorite, whilst Sachiro's I liked the normal path most, and Zeikun's felt a little bit more messy to me. I also wish we could see some of the other main characters make more than just a short cameo appearance in the other routes, I think that may also be why it felt a bit disjointed at times. 

Even so, the dev's hard work and passion shows in this novel and despite these flaws, this is a very memorable game I know will become a beloved classic in the OELVN community! It's obvious a lot of love went into this project, and it shows, and I think the dev should be proud of it! I look forward to whatever you come up with next, Pinlin!

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I wonder how can i buy the full pack? I really want to hear the full OP song!!! I really LOVEEEE this game!!! and where can i found the Japanese lyrics? I only found the original English version...

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Under downloads, you can find the "Dark Nights Soundtrack" pack. It has the full opening, all game soundtracks and bonuses. I updated my blog and added a romaji version of the lyrics. Now you can sing along!


I just played it, and I was totally caught off guard by the quality of the CGs and storylines.

The side characters were too handsome, I ended up wanting a Chain, Roya, Blace, Kaichi, and Jace route as well.

Though I do think that way too many things are happening in the village that I don't really understand what is actually going on, it feels like something different is going on in each route. Like in Sachiro's route, they were possessed (??), in Junoru's route they were zombies, and the explanations don't really complement each other very well so I was a bit confused.

But all in all, it was just awesome. If there will be a sequel or something like that, I will definitely buy it.


Pinlin, I LOVED this game. Definitely my favorite I’ve played so far. The art is amazing, and the storyline is amazing. And the music. I cannot get over the piano music that plays during all of the scenes <3 I’ve tried to find the music online so that I could listen to it more, but I couldn’t find any other than the ones on Soundcloud. Do I have to pay to get them all? They’re amazing, and thank you for the great game. 


Your words make me delighted. Thank you for dropping your thoughts. DN is my first project but I was ambitious in every aspect.

The uploads on Soundcloud were previews of work in progress. I didn't upload the music anywhere, except for the OP song piano version on my youtube: 

The only place you can find everything is by buying the full pack on itch. As a bonus, it has the full OP song in higher quality and unused tracks. If you do consider getting it, thank you in advance! 

The art in this game is fantastic, it's so beautiful and I'm in love with all of the character designs. I'm sure that everyone who plays this will want a Chain, Kaichi and Roya route.

I love that the MC has a strong confident personality, its so rare to come across in these types of games but I love it when it does and it is done well. 

Thank you for this great game Pinlin. I will be purchasing any other otome games you release :) 


Just started this about two days ago, somehow I've already played 15 hours apparently. LOL. I'm loving this so far, I'm still only early on into chapter 2, but I wanted to just say off the bat that the "opening theme song" scene thing was amazing! Just so professional, freakin' awesome, and well done! I'm sure I will come back and comment or review on this much more as I continue/finish the game.

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