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Another part of the demo done! I'm liking that we are learning about what exactly is going on the village, as the mystery deepens. I am very much intrigued!

Hi, can I ask you if there's going to be any yandere characters? Because, when I think of horror, I somehow think of yanderes...

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Not all horror have yanderes, and I think they aren't the scariest of the plot. There are no yandere characters in this game. Sorry to the yandere fans out here. It does have many other dere types though.

What is a yandere exactly, I have seen and heard that word so much, and I have no clue what it means.

It's people that are obsessed with the one they love to the point of stalking and committing murder to other people they deem are in their way of their love.

Where is the actual full game? I can only find/download the demo which i have finished (liked it by the way).

The project is still in development. I will post an update when the full version is out. I'm aiming to release it this year. The staff is past 70% editing and proof reading the script. Meanwhile I'm working on the art, programming and writing the extra features. 

I'm glad you liked it so far! 

How is it going so far? I understand it must take a long time. I truly love the games demo and I'm dying to see the rest. ^-^

Hi, I just finished my first playthrough and I love the writing style and chracters. I'm a year into my first Otome project myself so I really enjoyed reading your comments at the end of the demo, I'm going to play through the other demo routes now but I can't wait to see more. I played Zeikun first time :)

All the best and I can't wait to see more xx


Haha, development is fun and a pain at the same time.  I've been working on it for so long that I had to drop my thoughts somewhere.  I look forward to hear your thoughts about other routes! Have fun :)

Okay I just finished the entire demo and I am already in love with this game so much!! Like seriously, I haven't enjoyed a game this much in a while so thank you so much for putting a ton effort into making it and I'm so excited for the final game,,, I love all of the characters a whole bunch but I especially fell in love with Sachiro aaaaa he's so cute!!! But the fact that he's not scared often is amazing and unexpected, I have to say you did a super job on the characters ♡ Beautiful work

I'm flattered to receive your praises. The demo shows only a little of what's coming up. I'm glad you like the side characters too! I gave them multiple roles in the plot and not just supporting the main characters.  I thought Sachiro is the least notable the way he is presented in the demo, but I'm glad you like him!

This game is so cool I love it, I am really looking forward to the full game <3

A really interesting story so far with good characters and amazing art! I also enjoy the music. I'm really enjoying the demo and I can't wait until the full game is released, keep up the amazing work ^^


I like Junoru the most!!! Most favorite character in this game!!! Next is Kurato!! Then Zeikun, and finally Sachiro.

Btw, the fanfics and sketches parts, can they be accessed? Or is it only in full version of the game? Because I've finished all the routes, or did I miss something?

Anyway, great game!! Thanks for making it!! ^^

I'm glad you like them!

The fanfics and sketches are unlocked once you finish all 16 endings. In other words; they are only available in the full version.

I finally got to the part where you choose your route and I am so excited! Kurato seems like a mysterious individual and I look forward to finding out more about him!

Your comments are so fun. I laughed at the way you suspect everything and everyone.
Thank you for this video, I look forward to hear more!

I didn't know it was a demo untill I played it... I was in shock and started screaming NOOO so dramtically my cats stared at me like I'm a crazy person lol, btw love the story can't wait for the full game to come out.

Best demo I have played! Waiting on the game...

I absolutely love what you have so far, I cannot wait for the full story! Is there any roadmap at all? If so I would love if you shared!

There is a map of the forest, but it looks like a stupid 1 second doodle lol. You'll get to see the maps in game. It is hidden somewhere in the cutscenes.

I think it's promising, can't wait for the full version!

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Thank you for doing another part! Your reactions are entertaining. I want to tell the game is pretty long, even for a demo it might take a few hours to play through. I hope you'll enjoy the rest!

THIS is so AMAZING, I Recommend this to anime lovers,
 I hope that you do update this so i can see the rest
 but the are different options you can take so choose wisely,
(multiple stories)
kitty keighley.
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So I played another part of the demo and I am just as pleased as I was with the first part! I managed to reach the awesome song and it really set the mood for the game! Keep up the good work!

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Yay part 2! Thank you again for proving feedback. It was so fun to hear your comments.
You reached right at the part where the story splits in 4 routes. I'm curious who caught your
interest the most so far, or whose story you decide to explore first. 

Praises to the team for the song, hehe. 

werid werid

Deleted 3 years ago

I haven't heard someone going so crazy over the background art, haha. I'm flattered by your praises.
I enjoyed watching your reactions. Thank you for giving this game a try! I look forward to more parts
if you continue.

I have been eyeing this otome game for a long time. However, I haven't played the demo yet. Because I hate cliffhangers. If I do play the demo you have released I would be asking for more and I will become more annoying!!! Look forward to play the game! <3

I can understand that! Often I wait for the full game to release so I can binge through. 
If you still consider to sneak peak, let me know your thoughts!


I really enjoyed this game, possibly the best visual novel I've played so far. I just cannot wait for the full version to come out. I'll make sure to cover it on this channel.

5Points if you saw the "Bright Days" in the gameplay and "Dark Nights" in the outro.
(Oops, that'll be in part two so keep waiting)

Yes, I do intend to cover the full demo! Also the game, when that comes out. Tried my best to make it readable and more like an actual anime, so didn't rush through very much. Amazing game, amazing story, amazing soundtrack!

Haha, I'm flattered. The speed is just right and readable. Thank you for featuring this game on your channel!
I'd love to hear your reactions/commentary!

You can tell a lot of love was put into this visual novel. Amazing art work, great story, deep background music. Seems like a big demo to get indulged in. Would be nice to have a couple player choices thrown in the amount I played there were none. I know it's not always easy to create paths for players when telling a story and, i'm sure there are plenty of decisions to make later in the game.

The demo has a lot of content, more than you'd usually expect. I've been working on it for a long time, I want to show my efforts. The prologue doesn't have any choices until the end. The individual routes got more and some even affect the outcome even though it's a demo. I'm glad your first impressions are positive!

The demo so far is very good! The art, music, and plot is amazing!

Thank you so much for the let's play video! I watching your reactions was fun xD I'm glad that your thoughts are positive so far.
I look forward to the second part, if you are continuing!

I'm playing your game!

I usually do a complete review at the end. Looking forward to getting into the meat and potatoes. Looks like im in for  a doozy.

I'm flattered to see a let's play video! I enjoyed to hear your life reactions. The way you pronounced their names got me laughing.
Your pointer about sound effects; I'll definitely add more for better experience. 

Yay thank you! I've decided to wait until you fully release it to the the full let's play! I can't wait to dig in!

I adore this! Well done. 

i freaking loved this and i tried to play every choice outcome ;3; hopefully this game comes out soon! i caNT WAIT ahhhhhhh its so good! 10/10 recommend. Do get it. yOu will not regret

I can't believe I'll be infatuated with another otome (a horror one evenmore...such a guilty pleasure :'D )

I sense a possible love triangle in Zeikun's  and Junoru's routes. Also, the mystery seems clearer for those routes, meanwhile Kurato's and Sachiro's could be guiding to a very different development of plots : (BEWARE MINOR SPOILERS) regarding Kurato's different cases depends on what Heroine's response to "the night watch scene", and Sachiro's still left in the dark about his true nature although had been indicated as a house spirit (the indication of him become a closet psycopath in the beginning and Kurato's literal work facing a ghost are just left me :

There is an overlapped image in 1st day of Kurato's route, I think (or is it another error I found in another game? I'll check it out again and report it spesifically in the Google Form). However, the ambigious LIs have enough attractiveness that I put this novel in my waiting list ;)

Do you think I should play this one??

Hi, hello, if you don't mind my slight intrusion here, I would like to say that this game is absolutely fantastic and if you're on the fence about it, I say definitely play it ♥

Oh really? Thanks, I'll play it!

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I've been keeping tracking of this project for a long while, so when I found out that demo was finally released, I got very excited. It was a rather long demo, so it took me some time to complete every route and try most of the choices to trigger "special events". To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the main 4 love interests as none of them seemed to fit my type(I'm into the "yandere" or the creepy/awkward type.), but I was really interested in the plot and fascinated by pinlin's art. Anyway, the demo was top notch. Better than most "professional" otome games out there.     

I was very impressed by the dark atmosphere and how some of the choices really affect the plot. There's a choice in Kurato's route where you can either get kidnapped by Roya or help the school ghost or getting a troll dead ending. There were other choices that lead to very interesting events, but that was by far the most impactful one. I can't imagine the amount of time you put into this project! I can clearly see that you have a lot of passion for what you're doing!                                                                                                                  

I also liked how each character has their own "urban legend". Speaking of which, while I was more focused on the dark plot, I found myself getting attached to the characters. The MC is great, but she's too crazy sometimes(not that I dislike it). As for the 4 boys you can pusue: I didn't really like Zeikun, because I found him too rude and rough. He's not a bad character, just not my type. I did like Kurato and Sachiro. Although Kurato isn't my type, I really liked his character. He's funny, entertaining and interesting in general. I don't see him as a love interest, but more as a friend. The same goes for Sachiro.  He's too cute and innocent, so I see him more as a younger brother than a "potential boyfriend".

Of course I let the best for last! Juju! I didn't expect to like him so much! In fact, I liked him so much that I played his demo route at least 3 times to make sure I learned everything I could about him and tried EVERY possible choices! I usually don't like the gentlemanly type, but it kinda worked for him. How can I describe him? He's so nice and polite that he comes off as "kinda creepy". The first time I met him, I could see that there was something strange about him. He's obviously not human, which makes him even more fascinating. He could be a vampire, a ghoul, a demon or even a witch. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Kurato is the only human out of the 4 huys there. He's the exorcist, the "oddball" of the bunch. Nonetheless, Juju is very, very cute with his "dandere" and extremely nice and polite yet mysterious and teasing way.

How I love long reviews like this. 

Even though none of LIs ticked your ideal boxes, I'm glad the characters are still got you interested. One of the reasons the word count is so high, is that the choices lead to very different events. I tried to make the choices entertaining and not just a variation in responses. The taste in Kurato's route is only the beginning hehe. I have no regret putting a branch in the first chapter. 

The characters have various personalities as well as the side characters. I hope to hear from you again in the full game! Who knows if your opinion of the characters change.

This demo was awesome! The story lines and characters are so unique! I'll be happy to see what you have in store for future updates! Also feel like the sound tracks is underratedly one of the best parts

yO I realllllllllly like this game now :3 I am looking forward to the full game >:3

(I really wanna drag Lioji in to the plot more and get a route or a ending where the mc has no love interest and just solves it with her friends and bunny-cat) I need more cat faces.


This demo is amazing!!!!

I lowkey want a Lioji route.

Hiya! Just finished the demo last night AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!1!1111!!!!1!!!

I'm being spoiled by your art and absolutely loving Mayuko's character. All the male characters are interesting, so far Junoru and Kurato are my favorites!

Can't wait for the full version! Thank you so much for making this game ~

I'm so hyped for this game, the demo was beautiful ^^

Just with one chapter I already feel a bond with the characters, and my god the heroine is just so relatable. Beautiful art indeed it gives you a fantastic atmosphere.

Also Kurato *^*

This demo is absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for the full game to come out! Ahhh, I would give Junoru my hand in marriage (haha). But seriously, I love every single thing about this ♥

Is this not going to be available for windows?  I would really like to play this but I only have a Windows.  TnT

When you download, you get  files for both windows and and Mac. The 'win' is for windows. 

Okay!!  Earlier it was not showing an install button and it just said not available for windows.  YAY!  It's fixed now though.

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Mind if I can provide a dub for the visual novel? This visual novel seems fantastic to me.  I can see that this visual novel has the potential of an English Dub if I can provide it for you.

I was wondering where players could report script mistakes? 

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You can join our discord channel and report the errors/bugs in the  "error-report" channel.
At the moment I'm working on the script after receiving some reports. In discord you can chat with us and check if your findings overlap with others. Another option is to e-mail the screenshots to:
Thank you!

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