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This demo is amazing!!!!

I lowkey want a Lioji route.

Hiya! Just finished the demo last night AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!1!1111!!!!1!!!

I'm being spoiled by your art and absolutely loving Mayuko's character. All the male characters are interesting, so far Junoru and Kurato are my favorites!

Can't wait for the full version! Thank you so much for making this game ~

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The demo is absolutely amazing so far; I don't even have the proper words to begin describing it. The characters are beautiful, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the CGs are absolutely flawless. (I met two of the characters so far and I already love this so much)

I've been following the development blog for about a year since I happened to have stumbled upon some art of the game on Google. Truth be told, I was enamored by the plot instantly because I have always loved a good mystery game ever since I was young. When I got the notification that the demo had came out during class, I almost immediately jumped out of my chair during a lecture in excitement. 

I'm excited to see how much further the game progresses, and I look forward to any future updates! 

I'm so hyped for this game, the demo was beautiful ^^

Just with one chapter I already feel a bond with the characters, and my god the heroine is just so relatable. Beautiful art indeed it gives you a fantastic atmosphere.

Also Kurato *^*

This demo is absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for the full game to come out! Ahhh, I would give Junoru my hand in marriage (haha). But seriously, I love every single thing about this ♥

Is this not going to be available for windows?  I would really like to play this but I only have a Windows.  TnT

When you download, you get  files for both windows and and Mac. The 'win' is for windows. 

Okay!!  Earlier it was not showing an install button and it just said not available for windows.  YAY!  It's fixed now though.

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Mind if I can provide a dub for the visual novel? This visual novel seems fantastic to me.  I can see that this visual novel has the potential of an English Dub if I can provide it for you.

I was wondering where players could report script mistakes? 

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You can join our discord channel and report the errors/bugs in the  "error-report" channel.
At the moment I'm working on the script after receiving some reports. In discord you can chat with us and check if your findings overlap with others. Another option is to e-mail the screenshots to:
Thank you!

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